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Landscape Management Network


Build your plan for profit.  Ensure consistent pricing and estimating.


Landscape estimating software for pricing construction, maintenance, lawn care, irrigation and snow.


Landscape scheduling software for fast, flexible scheduling for build/install and maintenance/service work.


Paperless, mobile timesheet app for Android and iPhone devices.


Sync estimates for invoicing and timesheets for payroll with our instant QB Sync.

We Help Great Landscape Contractors Manage Great Landscape Businesses


Budgeting Software

Build Your Budget.  Plan for Profit.
Plan for Profit

Build a budget and plan for profit.  Use your company’s numbers to ensure you’re recovering all your labor, equipment and overhead costs in every job you price.

Set Profitable Goals

With LMN, it’s simple to set profitable sales and spending goals.  Benchmark your company’s productivity and overhead against industry averages to make sure you’re both realistic and tuned for success.

Recover Your Overhead

Get the right price on every job.  LMN uses your budget to calculate a customized overhead recovery system for the landscape estimating software.

Estimating Software

Take the guesswork out of pricing jobs.
Confident Pricing

LMN’s landscape estimating software ties in with your operating budget to ensure consistent cost and overhead recovery.  Know exactly what you’re making on every bid.

Save Time

With a cost + price database, templates/assemblies, and a cloud database that lets you build and revise estimates from anywhere, our users save countless hours pricing jobs.

Mobile/Ready When You Are

With LMN’s internet based software, you’re ready to create, revise, print and email estimates from anywhere at any time of day or night.

Mobile Timesheet App

Simple, easy-to-learn paperless timesheets.

650,000 field-proven reasons your crews can (and will!) use it!

Scheduling Software

Versatile, Easy to Use, Rapid Scheduling
Easy-to-Use Scheduling

Import jobs from estimating for easy + accurate duration scheduling.  Use scheduling templates to create a year’s worth of visits in just minutes.

Syncs With Mobile Time App

Schedules sync to LMN Time, giving foreman live/instant access to their daily schedules.  Mobile timesheets mark scheduled work as complete/incomplete giving you real-time operations + job management.

LMN, or what we like to call "Look at Me Now" has provided the base and true characterization of Kingcal and Aim General Contracting.  We've transformed from the 'Curly, Larry and Moe Show' to a mathematician, statistician, and executioner.

David Berto
Owner, KingCal Properties

LMN Support gave me exactly the guidance I needed...quick and accurate.

O'Brien Landscapes

With all of the masses of information, having this chat available is like GOLD!

Heidi Schreiner
Owner, Artisans of the Earth

LMN has boosted my confidence as a business owner because not only do I get more jobs now, as well as make a higher profit on those jobs than before, my customers and employees are happier now too. I couldn't be happier with LMN!

Marvin Khudadian
Owner, Marvel Landscapes

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